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We here at Crime Scene Clean Up Inc. strive on providing professional remediation services to families and businesses in need, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Crimes and accidents happen daily. Most often, a gruesome scene is left behind. If you are the victim or property owner of a scene, our staff is here to help. Unlike some of our competitors, We are dedicated crime scene cleaners. While they focus more so on home renovations or cleaning, we are properly licensed and certified to clean and disinfect bodily fluids and remains, and are able to remove associated pathogens or odors that may remain with improper cleaning. We specialize in handling and dealing with situations such as trauma scenes, homicide cleaning, suicide cleaning, and removing blood, as well as removing mold and hoarding situations.

We have an amazing crew of dedicated professional men and women who are able to respond nationwide to domestic and commercial situations. We use only the finest, safest chemicals that are proven to work, and keep your home safe, well after we leave. We properly adhere to all local and federal laws and regulations in the removal, transport and destruction of all hazardous materials from crime scenes.

Little known fact: After the coroner leaves the scene and a body is removed, there is bodily fluids, blood and debis leftover from emergency workers. You should never have to deal with seeing such remains. Especially be left to clean it yourself. Hire a professional service, as ours, and we will do the job properly, so you can mourn. Not scrub.

You may not need to even pay out of pocket. In most cases, Homeowners insurance will cover our services. In some situations, Crime Victim Services in each respective state also helps assist families in time of need, when insurance is not present.